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Multiuse Breastfeeding and Infant Car Seat Covers

The Baby Abode infant car seat coverOne cover, multiple uses to keep you and your baby undercover in style

Cheryl Kinkaid developed The Baby Abode nursing and infant car seat cover for her daughter who was born with a rare skin condition making her highly sensitive to heat and direct sunlight.

Cheryl needed a nursing cover that her daughter couldn’t kick off while breastfeeding in public but that was also light, breathable and cool so she wouldn’t get too hot. She also needed a cover that would wrap securely around her infant daughter’s car seat so the material needed to be stretchy without losing its stretch and color with use. Plus, she wanted something stylish, modern and convenient – without the complicated snaps, hooks and straps she found with other breastfeeding covers.

When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she developed it.

The Baby Abode nursing coversThe Baby Abode multiuse nursing cover not only protected Cheryl’s daughter while breastfeeding, but it also wrapped securely around her car seat – providing one simple, convenient solution for Cheryl’s daughter – and they fit perfectly in shopping carts and high chairs. These covers are made in the United States using soft, luxurious, high quality fabric that won’t lose its stretch or quality after multiple uses and washes.

An overwhelming interest in Cheryl’s cover came from other moms, and she wanted them to experience the same life-changing convenience and protection she and her daughter did. She wanted to create a nursing cover styled for moms and fit for babies – and so The Baby Abode was born.

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