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How to pick your baby’s name

By August 2, 2017Baby Name

Picking your baby’s name
Deciding on what to name your baby is a big decision!  This name will stick with him or her all throughout their life.  Some parents have names picked out long before baby even arrives and others, like myself, will still be trying to finalize a decision days after he/she has made their debut.

Those baby name books can be overwhelming, usually filled with thousands of names and not much direction. This is a decision that will affect her nicknames.   Will it be hard to spell or pronounce as they get older? Will it fit well with the last name? What will her initials be? Will you lean more towards a traditional, trendy or unique name? Whatever you choose, I think we can all agree that it’s a decision that you will spend hours and sometimes even months thinking about.

Here are some things to think about when choosing a baby name.

Picking a unique name

It can be difficult trying to pick a unique name.   A unique name usually means something that will stand out in a crowd and break away from the traditional choices. When deciding on a name, you don’t want it to be so far out there that it is embarrassing for the child, but still one that is different and distinctive.   Some ideas for a unique name can come from:

  • ŸNature
  • ŸSurnames
  • ŸDestination names
  • ŸVery old names
  • ŸCombining names
  • You generally wont find a unique name on a TOP 100 list.

Picking a name with meaning

My husband is really into the meaning behind a name. This is why we didn’t have one picked out until four days after our last daughter was born. Some ways to decide on picking a name with meaning can come from:

  • ŸReligion/faith
  • ŸFamily name
  • ŸInspiring people
  • ŸWhere/what the name originated from

A few things to consider when picking a name is you and your spouse probably won’t immediately agree.   Something to consider in this situation is for both of you to make a list of your top baby girl or baby boy names and then swap to see if there are any similarities.

If you just can’t come to a decision on naming your baby, the internet has some wild options to help you out.

ŸThebumb.com allows you to pick a name out of a hat

ŸBabyNameGenie.com has an online name generator by picking out first and middle boy and girl names.

ŸThe app Kick To Pick allows your baby to pick its name from the womb by placing the phone on our stomach and waiting for baby to kick picking a name from a name generator.

As a mom of five daughters, deciding on a name became harder with each one. We didn’t want to pick something that sounded strange but also didn’t want her to sit in class with 5 other girls holding the same name.   My husband really wanted each name to have a special meaning so we always made sure to check that. We wanted to make sure that each name was one they would be able to pronounce as they began to speak and one that wasn’t overly long so they would be able to learn to spell it at a younger age.   We spent countless hours googling different baby name lists. While it was not the easiest thing for us to make a decision on it always felt so good when we finally decided and agreed on a name!

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The best thing to do when trying to come up with a name is to not let yourself stress out about it. You and your spouse may argue and feelings may get hurt if one side doesn’t agree or tends to dislike what the other suggests. Remember you will find one and it will be perfect! If nine months isn’t long enough to make this big decision you have 60 days after the birth to register your baby!

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