The Baby Abode Reviews

Des Hartsock This cover never left our sight during our trip! I didn’t realize how versatile and necessary this cover was until it became the one thing we couldn’t leave the hotel without. I was able to use it initially on the plane while I nursed Asher but then it became his little fort to block out the light while he slept on me. He pretty much slept the entire flight to Hawaii only waking up to feed. I’m sure the vibration from the plane helped but the cover was so practical for creating a comfy atmosphere for him as well. We even used it while Asher napped by the pool when we first got there since he was still sleeping from the car ride and as we went exploring.
—Des Hartsock, The Bachelorette
My Top 7 Picks for Traveling with Baby

AdrieleAs you ladies know, I’m ALL ABOUT baby gear that makes my life easier. I was recently part of a shoot for The Baby Abode– a carseat cover, nursing wrap, infinity scarf and shopping cart cover- all in one! I was so impressed that I wanted to share it with you all here on the blog … I WISH I had this when AJD was a baby. So excited about this!! Also, the fact that they can be worn as an infinity scarf makes it easier than trying to drape a blanket around you. Chic and functional. Love!
—Adriele, Style Assisted
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KaseyI love this striped black and ivory beauty! Perfect for a boy or girl {since we aren’t finding out the gender}!… This cover is so soft. I love the versatility of it, and I love the fact that it fits any infant car seat. This cover has so many awesome uses! It could be used as a car seat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, or even as an infinity scarf. I especially love how handy this cover will be when I’m needing to nurse the baby while we are out and about. LOVE.
—Kasey, Thee Girl in Yellow
Thee Multi-Purpose Nursing Cover & Giveaway

NikkiI fell in love with The Baby Abode’s covers because they are super stylish, really really soft and stretchy (which helps them work with any car seat, cart, or breastfeeding situation), and affordable (which comes in handy when you need two). Another bonus: you don’t have to take the cover off to get the car seat snapped into the base in the car…or the stroller.
—Nikki, Creating The Silver Lining
New Mom Must Have: The Baby Abode

Abigail JoyI was excited to choose a pattern from The Baby Abode’s beautiful selection. Apparently I chose well, because three different moms commented on how pretty it was the first day I used it! Although my baby is a boy, I consider this more of an accessory for myself, thus the floral pattern. 😉 I love how soft and breathable this cover is. I live in LA, so lightweight is an absolute must. When used over the infant seat, it shades baby from the sun without trapping the heat. This gives it an edge over a similar-style cover I have from a popular brand. The 360* coverage offered makes it practical for nursing in just about any setting. Unlike with the apron-style covers that have rounded wire on top, I can lay the fabric right against my chest to keep it closed, which means I am comfortable using it sitting down even if people are standing right next to me. Another pro is that this product is made in the USA!
—Abigail Joy, Ordinary Joy Mama
Mommy Review: The Baby Abode 3-in-1

 What are other moms saying about our nursing covers?

Best nursing cover, EVER!  This is the fourth brand I’ve tried and it is the best, hands down.  I absolutely love how it offers full coverage.  My baby who usually refuses to eat under a cover even likes this one.  I’ll definitely be purchasing The Baby Abode for all my expecting mom friends.
—Melanie, Modern Black and Ivory Stripe

Love my nursing cover! It’s so soft!
—Jenna, California Comfort

This nursing cover was a such a good purchase. My baby was in the NICU and this made skin to skin so much easier.
—Natalie, Modern Black and Ivory Stripe

I can’t say enough good things about The Baby Abode. It’s soft, convenient, comfortable and arrived quickly. I use it as a car seat cover and even as nursing cover while I pump at work. Then I throw it on as as a scarf! They are so cute. I want to buy one for all my pregnant friends. Worth every penny!
—Kendra, Modern Black and Ivory Stripe

Just got my nursing cover in the mail. I can’t wait to use it in about 2 weeks.
—Julie, Fuchsia

I ordered the California Comfort. The colors are so beautiful. I’ve used it as a car seat cover and a nursing cover.

I wish I had these breastfeeding covers with my last two kids. Best nursing cover ever!
—Jamie, Abstract Paint

My friend ordered me a nursing cover for my baby shower. The Baby Abode is one of the best gifts. It’s so soft and I love that it has many different uses.
—Stephanie, Urban Grey

I couldn’t decide on a print so I ordered two. I recommend the Baby Abode to all moms! I love these nursing covers!
—Ana, California Comfort and Fuchsia